Onboarding Master

Seamless Hassle-free Onboarding Solution.


  • Control your merchants with Easy Merchant On-Boarding, giving new merchants access to your gateway to process their payments.
  • On board micro-merchants and sole proprietor businesses with higher confidence. With unique cross-linked signals, PSP.Center's Payment Orchestration Infrastructure users can build trusted risk profiles for micro-merchants and sole proprietors that lack the typical track record – verifying information and approving or rejecting applications with confidence.
  • Merchant Master captures and saves complete merchant information with a single form, and uses the same to facilitate quick applications to multiple acquirers.



  • The Agent Master facilitates the addition of Referral Partners or Agents in the system.
  • Unique referral links available for the RPs or Agents for merchant referrals.
  • Allocate the Commissions or Markups on the whole, or individually for each referred merchant.
  • Agents’ Statistical, Financial and Analytical reports can be generated on a daily basis, using advanced filters.


  • Our Bank or Acquirer Master allows you to stay on top of all associated Acquirers or Banking Partners.
  • Have all banks and acquirers in one place for easier deal / application submission, completion and closure.
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