Report Master

Reporting and Analytics Solution

Financial Reports
Statistical Financial Reports help to make strategic decisions related to various questions: starting from product type to target audience of the merchants products.

  • Use the View Reports function for analysis.

    Create a Report 
  • Use and combine the extended list of parameters and their combinations.

    Search Transactions 
  • Using various parameters. Use any / all payment details to monitor transactions. Search using only one field or a combination of fields to narrow your search. Searches will include transaction history that meet the specified criteria.

    Retrieve statistical financial reports 
  • With the customized specification for any period and can be exported to Excel format.

    The system allows you to regularly Generate and Calculate financial reports. Pay-outs and security deposits are also recorded.

Payouts Reports and Management

  • Settlement / Payout Calendar - Keep Track of All Payouts
  • Stay on top of payments with our Payment Calendar.
  • Stay informed on Payments From Acquirers, Merchant Settlements and Due Dates.
  • Get comprehensive analytical reports with customizable requirements for any time period.
  • Financial reports with accurately calculated amounts for merchant pay-outs are auto-generated on a daily basis.
  • Pay-outs and all other transactions are captured meticulously.
  • Get clear reports on your settlements and fees. Customize your reports to analyze your business.
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