Risk Master

Risk and Fraud Management Solution

Transaction Monitoring | Chargebacks & Refund Monitoring | Sales Monitoring | Fraud Prevention

  • In-built Anti-Fraud Modules - The System allows to set up anti-fraud rules on a single merchant, a merchant group, or a MID – to make sure that each channel has sufficient protection against the expected risk level.
  • Whitelisting - Mark trusted merchants and cardholders and bypass unwanted blocks and restrictions.
  • Blacklisting - Flag and immediately block transactions based on specific parameters (BINs, IPs, email addresses, etc.)
  • Filters - Modules serving as customizable filters for incoming transactions aiming to eliminate risks and decrease the number of flagged transactions
    on one’s account.
  • Monitoring Graphs - Real time graphs for Daily,Weekly and Monthly transactions to give better control of your Merchant performance.
  • Alerts and reports for each monitoring rule can be configured and sent out based on a predefined frequency.
  • Custom thresholds for alerts for each monitoring rule and auto suspension of merchant accounts can be custom defined in the system.
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